Dentist Birmingham Partial/Denture Instructions

There are several factors associated with the success of your partial/denture. Working together as a team, you will be able to eat and function normally. Be sure to return as many times as necessary to have your partial/denture adjusted.

  • Center your partial/denture and guide it in to place with your fingers. DO NOT BITE it in place.
  • If your partial/denture binds your tissue or teeth during placement, remove it and begin again. Your partial/denture has a specific way it should be placed.
  • Use a mirror the first few days to assist in placement and removal of the denture.
  • You will experience an increase in saliva. This is normal due to extra bulk in your mouth.
  • To begin with, chew soft, small amounts of foods to get used to your new partial/denture.
  • Be sure to remove your partial/denture for at least 8 hours daily (overnight) to allow your mouth tissues to recover.
  • Do not use a stiff brush to clean your partial/denture. Use a denture brush with a mild liquid soap or suitable partial/denture cleaner paste or cream.
  • Brush your partial/denture over a full basin of water or a sink with a towel in it. This minimizes the chances of it breaking if dropped.
  • Be sure to clean any remaining teeth and/or your gums when your partial/denture is out of your mouth.
  • If you have a partial, you should continue your six (6) month cleanings, at these visits, Dr. Wright will evaluate and adjust your partial. If you have a denture, once a year visits should continue for evaluations, relines and adjustments.
  • Periodic examinations are necessary as a routine part of your care. Your mouth tissues will continue to change. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wright to check your mouth, teeth and partial/denture at least every 6 months.