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At Birmingham Eastern Family Dental, we believe in creating a relationship with our patients that goes beyond the office doors. We've specially created this section of our site to share with you important news from our Birmingham family dental practice. If you should ever have questions, do not hesitate to call us at (205) 836-4044 or e-mail us at Our doors are always open to walk-ins.

Dr. Wilson Wright, Jr.
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Phone Outage

If you have tried to call the office between the dates of 9/13/2018 and 9/17/2018, you probably were unable to get through. No worries. Voice mail will pick up, it may be the personal greeting of "Karla Wright" but we will get your message. Feel free to leave a message or contact us via text on Solution Reach, the app that sends you text messages and e-mails. Spectrum promises to get our phone lines back in working order on Monday (9/17/2018) morning. Thank you for your patience and your patronage!

School give-away Update

We have a winner! Congratulate Ms. Tymeera for guessing the exact number of jelly beans in the jar! 140.

School Give-Away 2018

2018 School Give-away!!! The first patient to guess the correct number of jelly beans by August 7th will win this back pack and all of its contents, plus 3 $5 gift cards to McDonald's. Any patient of record my enter who has a son or daughter in grades 6 -12. Must be a child, or have a child in grades 6 - 12. Must be present to enter.

Links of gum disease

Did you know?...Gum disease (bleeding gums and bone loss) has been linked to:Dementia. Alzheimer's. Stroke. Oral, head and neck cancer. Heart disease. Respiratory infections. Diabetes. Pancreatic and liver cancer. Pregnancy complications. Osteopenia. Arthritis. Reflux.

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Delta Dental PPO

According to fyi, a newsletter distributed by Delta Dental, new benefits are available for patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis or stroke. Eligible patients must self-enroll through their online Delta Dental account. "SmileWay Wellness" benefits include 100% coverage for these services: One periodontal scaling and root planing (D4341) procedure per quadrant every 12 months and four prophylaxis (D1110 or D1120) or periodontal maintenance (D4910) every 12 months.

Opioid mis-use

DIdn't receive a narcotic prescription after your dental procedure? It may be due to overuse in the general population... Dentists have been urged by the ADA to help prevent opioid abuse since 40% of the 47,000 people who have died from drug overdoses involved opioid analgesics. Visit for more information.

New Weekend Hours

Back by popular demand! We will begin Saturday hours in September. The first Saturday of every month will be available by strict, prescheduled appointment only. Any missed or cancelled, pre-scheduled appointments will be assessed a $50 no show appointment fee and we will not be able to extend a Saturday appointment for 6 months. Thank you so much for your patronage and patience as we grow and transition.