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At Birmingham Eastern Family Dental, we believe in creating a relationship with our patients that goes beyond the office doors. We've specially created this section of our site to share with you important news from our Birmingham family dental practice. If you should ever have questions, do not hesitate to call us at (205) 836-4044 or e-mail us at Our doors are always open to walk-ins.

Dr. Wilson Wright, Jr.
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Look out

Dr. Wright's office has new and exciting changes about to occur. Be on the lookout June 8th!

COVID-19 Update

According to the Alabama State Dental Board, all elective procedures will be cancelled until further notice:

"Please reschedule elective procedures including but not limited to:
 Any cosmetic or aesthetic procedures, such as veneers, teeth bleaching, or
cosmetic bonding
 All routine hygiene appointments
 Any orthodontic procedures not including those that relieve pain and infection
or restore oral function or are trauma-related
 Initiation of any crowns, bridges, or dentures that do not address or prevent pain
or restore normal oral functioning
 Any periodontal plastic surgery
 Extraction of asymptomatic non-carious teeth
 Recall visits for periodontally healthy patients
 Delay all appointments for high risk patients, including ASA 2 and 3 patients,
unless it is an emergency (ASA 2—A patient with mild systemic disease; ASA 3 - A patient with severe systemic disease."

A Birmingham Black History Moment

One of our distinguished patients, *Mr. J. Mason Davis*, continues to make news. This excerpt is from The Birmingham Times, February 6-12, 2020 edition.

Opioid mis-use

DIdn't receive a narcotic prescription after your dental procedure? It may be due to overuse in the general population... Dentists have been urged by the ADA to help prevent opioid abuse since 40% of the 47,000 people who have died from drug overdoses involved opioid analgesics. Visit for more information.